A Brief History...

In the fall of 2000, a criminal court judge asked David to write a paper on Fetal Alcohol and the law for the Vancouver Conference on Fetal Alcohol, set for the spring of 2001. Candidly, David advised the judge that he knew next to nothing about Fetal Alcohol, as all he seemed to do was make mistakes when dealing with clients with Fetal Alcohol.

At the time, David was in court trying to force the government of British Columbia, Canada, to pay for a Fetal Alcohol assessment for a long time client charged with armed robbery…his client was caught stealing a car stereo by the owner, given a good thumping and significant bruises by the owner, and while trying to escape the client stabbed the owner in the belt buckle with his one inch long pen knife from his key chain…small cut, but still a cut…thus the serious charge. The application was opposed by the government’s constitutional branch who argued no judge could tell the government how to spend government money. The unsuccessful application required several days in court, expert evidence, and piles of documents. In those few days, David received an excellent education in a hurry on the topic of Fetal Alcohol and the law.

To her credit, the criminal court judge said: “That’s alright, you just write about your mistakes.”

So, in some 20 minutes, the article, “Mistakes I have made with FAS clients” was produced. After the Vancouver conference, David became an advocate for persons with Fetal Alcohol. The article, complete with spelling and grammar errors, is readily available on the Internet and has been translated in French, German, Spanish, Japanese, and even Australian.

David's intention is to continue his advocacy work on Fetal Alcohol using the internet.



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